Better Business Planning for
Modern Brands

Shypyard puts advanced analytics and intelligence in the hands of up-and-coming merchants to accurately forecast and adjust demand, replenish stock, and more.

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Trusted by modern, high-growth brands

Advanced Intelligence and Analytics to Unlock Growth

Connect and Integrate

Shypyard integrates all your sales and data so you can manage your demand channels and supply chain information in one place, in real-time.
  • Shopify, Amazon, Wholesale, and other sales channels
  • Warehouse Management Systems and 3PL vendors
  • Custom integrations to fit your unique supply chain and demand channels
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Understand and Analyze

  • Access your sales and inventory data in one place, across every channel and 3rd party source
  • Compare performance, demand, and supply across channels for more accurate planning and forecasting
  • Visualize your data across all stages of the inventory, supply, and demand planning process
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Forecast and Replenish

Our intuitive dashboard helps to accurately forecast demand and replenish inventory

  • End consistent stock-outs and out-of-stock periods
  • Free up cash tied up due to overstocking
  • Place orders with confidence — order only what you need, when you need it
  • Automate replenishment recommendations, reduce time spent on planning
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Why our customers

love Shypyard

“Shypyard’s inventory management tool is as close to having a crystal ball as can be, providing us with real-time updates to ensure we're never over or under stocked."

Rob G

Founder and CEO

“Shypyard gives us real-time visibility into all parts of our supply chain, with advanced data analytics that connect across all the warehouses and nodes in our network."

Mike P

Director of Operations

"Shypard's platform automates a lot of the sales planning so we can focus on what matters: growing our business.”

Daniel P


"We save days each time we place an order with our factory thanks to Shypyard’s replenishment recommendations and interactive demand planning.”

Tyler H


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Combine Human Intelligence with
Advanced Algorithms

Results-driven, reliable business planning

Advanced intelligence

Combine Shypyard’s advanced intelligence and analytics technology with our expert planning staff

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Built by and for merchants

Shypyard provides you with more than just software — our team is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and modern brands

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