Business Planning→Simplified

End Stockout Worries

Order the right amount, at the right time

  • Optimize your inventory and warehouse management
  • Organize and maintain a more nimble, resilient supply chain
  • Unlock advanced analytics and intelligence, traditionally available only to large enterprises

Real-time, accurate replenishment

  • Automated recommendations will provide you with confidence each time you place an order
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360° View of your Data

Visualize your inventory, supply, and demand metrics

  • Access your current and historical sales data and performance
  • Visualize your real-time inventory levels and forecasted demand
  • Save time, consolidate data from all your platforms and 3rd party integrations

Slice and dice your data

  • See metrics by product category, SKU, sales channel, and warehouse
  • Explore your data by custom groups or variant options, including size, color, and more
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“We’re a company built by and for merchants. We started Shypyard with the goal of empowering these up-and-coming entrepreneurs with the right tools and insights to grow their businesses.”
Dan Li, Co-Founder of Shypyard

Organize your Inventory and Bundles

Manage your catalog across all sales channels

  • Define custom bundles: Shypyard will automatically calculate component demand
  • Organize inventory and keep track of minimum order quantities
  • Shypyard gives you flexibility to configure custom lead times and safety stock per product
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Interactive Forecasting

  • Easily configure your sales forecast and make real-time adjustments
  • Optimize your demand and inventory planning within our intuitive dashboard
  • Explore and test different forecasting scenarios to adapt to changing market conditions

Decision Making

  • Easily collaborate with colleagues, stop emailing clunky spreadsheets back-and-forth
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Combine Human Intelligence with
Advanced Algorithms

Results-driven, reliable business planning

Advanced intelligence

Combine Shypyard’s advanced intelligence and analytics technology with our expert planning staff

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Built by and for merchants

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