Ep 1. From Demand Planner to VP Finance: Insights from Mike Davis

October 3, 2023
Table of contents

Today, we welcome seasoned industry professional Mike Davis to the conversation. Mike, a former VP of Finance at Summer Fridays, shares the inside story of his unexpected journey into the beauty industry, the lessons he learned at indie beauty pioneer Smashbox, and the crucial role he played in building a robust infrastructure in a challenging startup environment.

Peeling back the layers of the supply chain planning process, Mike candidly details his strategic approach to reducing lead times and the importance of synergy between marketing and inventory planning. He also lets us behind the curtain on the reality of inventory management at startups, providing insights into how he honed his skills to tactfully push back on partners during this process. As we move through the conversation, we examine the intricate demand planning process for various channels. Mike offers a rare glimpse into the navigation of channel negotiations, inventory flux, and the unique challenges of planning for QVC.

Finally, we shift focus to efficiency and the real-world implications of data management. Drawing from his experience as a data maestro, Mike pinpoints how understanding system architecture transformed his career trajectory and why mastering this aspect of the business is a game-changer for any professional. Whether you're a veteran beauty industry exec or a recent founder, this compelling dialogue with Mike is a must-listen. Tune in as we navigate the intricacies of the beauty industry and provide a roadmap for startup success.

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