Ep 2. How a personal health journey in South America led to Obelisk

October 17, 2023
Table of contents

Picture this: you've spent years honing your skills, navigating the corporate world, only to end up feeling unfulfilled. That's where Alley Biehl found herself before she took a bold leap into entrepreneurship, using her own health journey as inspiration, and founded Obelisk. Alley's story is a rich tapestry of exploration, courage, and tenacity, as she reveals the trials and triumphs of creating her plant-based beauty brand. Hear how her travels to South America added depth to her brand's narrative, and the challenges she faced in obtaining research and securing funding for her products.

Alley discusses her unique approach to market research, starting with what she calls "demand creation". She discusses her vision to bring awareness to the healing properties of plants, a conversation sure to fascinate those interested in wellness and natural remedies. Her journey serves as a testament of the importance of self-belief, even amid criticism.

Alley offers invaluable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. From dealing with criticism, and the weight of resilience, to never letting naysayers win, she shares insights that are not just inspiring, but pragmatic. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone who dreams of starting their own venture. Tune in, and let their experiences inform your path.

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